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Phil Veldheer
"Amateur auto racing's most successful team owner"
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Are You Spending
Your Own Money to Go Racing?


Phil Veldheer is one of the most unique people I've ever met. He owns and operates a 5 car team on OPM (Other people's money). In fact, not only has he acquired all of his racing parts for free, but he's also received non-racing items for free, including: many things for his home such as landscaping and a generator; assorted snacks and soft drinks; prescription eye wear for his entire family; tires for his daily driver and the list goes on. He sees every contact as another opportunity for sponsorship.

Phil enjoys the thrill of landing a new "advertiser" as much as he loves racing. His excitement comes through clearly in his interviews and publications. Many in his position would be unsure of giving out their secrets but Phil's motive is not what you might think. It's simply that he wants to see more racers in the field. He is sure with the ability to acquire sponsorship, more racers will be able to attend more events and the entire sport will benefit.

Your life would never be the same if you met and talked with Phil. You can't help but feel inspired by his words and success -- He's proof it's possible for an amateur racer to race for free. If you're looking to fund one car or build a multi car team like Phil, do yourself a favor and check out his material.

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The Sponsorship Coach
Includes - (3 Audio CDs, 1 Computer CD)

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Interview Audio CDs sponsorship cds sponsorship cds sponsorship cds
Over 3.5 hours

CD #1 "Building a Multi Car Team"

  • How to build a multi car team without using your own money.
  • How to find good cars for cheap.
  • How to find good drivers.
  • What makes a good driver.
  • How to operate a multi car team.

CD #2 "Racing For Free"

  • How to get just about everything on your car for free
  • How to get non-racing items for free
  • Where to find potential sponsors
  • Creative ways to promote your sponsor
  • How to decide what you are worth
  • The good and bad of putting your eggs in one basket
  • What are the steps to take so you too can "race for free"

CD #3 "Sponsor Scripts"

  • What to say over the phone.
  • What to say in-person.
  • Listen to Phil and Beverly as they role-play scenarios all too familiar to sponsor seekers
  • Feel Confident when speaking to prospects
  • Find out how to respond to objections
    sponsorship case
    Vinyl Case & CDs
    BONUS: Free for a limited time.
    (Will be separate product in the future)

    Sponsorship Coach Computer CD sponsor cd
    Works with ALL (+) operating systems

    "The Sponsorship Coach" ebook

    • Where to look for sponsors - Phil has got a great method for finding an unlimited number of prospects.
    • How to contact sponsor prospects - Should you call or show up? Phil will show you when and how to do both.
    • What to say and do in the first 5 minutes - This can make or break your chances.
    • How to grow into a multi car team.
    • How to get everything for free.
    • How to get in print - Phil has been on the cover of many racing publications.

    Phil's Proposal Book

    • Look at Phil's own proposal book
    • Pictures of all 53 pages
    • Thumbnails and full images
    • Easy navigation

    Extra: Guest Reports

    • "Building Trust"
    • "Call Reluctance"
    • "Going the Extra Mile"
    • "Faulty Sales Techniques"
    • "Overcome Objections"
    • "Overcome Selling Fear"
    • "Prospecting Tips"
    • "Sales Secrets"
    • "How to get out of a Sales Slump"
    • "Seal the Deal"
    • "Survive NO"
    sponsorship coach bookebook

    proposal book
    Phil's Proposal Book
    Thumbnails & full size images

    ONE MORE BONUS: Still available.

    Free One-On-One Advice
    (From Phil)
    • Phil will answer any and all questions.
    • Ask specific questions about your sponosr search efforts.

    Note: Phil is only going to offer this for a little while longer, so get your order in today.

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    It's hard to open a racing publication without seeing a story on Phil Veldheer. The image to the right shows three publications that came out just this week.
    drag news, national dragster and drag review

    What people are saying:

      "You're a man of your word -- The Sponsorship Coach really works and I urge anyone who wants a sponsor to order it, you won't be dissapointed. Phil you Rock!"
      Dave Young
      Inver Grove Heights, MN

    Price: $99
    Contents (5 items): 3 Audio CDs, 1 Computer CD and 1 Vinyl Case

    No Risk, 1 Year Performance Guarantee -- If after putting Phil's advice to use you haven't acquired at least enough extra sponsorship to pay for twice the price of this product, we'll gladly send you your money back. All we ask is you give it a fair effort for at least a year. Send us proof of no improvement and the product, and the check is on the way.

    How can we make this offer? -- Because Phil is not speaking in theory, he's telling you EXACTLY what he does, all you have to do is take action on his advice and you'll be successful as well.

    Frequently asked question:

    sponsorship Question: I know Phil is a drag racer, but can his information help any racer?

    Answer: Absolutely, in fact I think drag racing is one of the toughest types of racing to acquire sponsorship for. So, if it works for drag racing it'll work for your type of racing.

    sponsorship Question: I don't have a lot of time to search for sponsors. Does this require me to quit my job?

    Answer: No, Phil actually works a full-time job, has a happy wife/family, and races a funded 5 car team.

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